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Aug 6, - Wahoo has unveiled its new Wahoo Elemnt Mini, "the super compact sensor based bike computer that makes it simple to see and share ride.

Wahoo ELEMNT MINI Bike Computer with RPM Speed

What do the manufacturers say about it?

elemnt computer wahoo mini bike

How does that compare to your own feelings about it? It might be Wahoo's cheapest cycle computer yet but there are plenty of options at this price, including standalone GPS computers that ditch the need to sync a smartphone.

Companion App Setup. Elemnt Mini uses the intuitive interface of your smartphone to pair, customize settings, configure workout pages, and link to popular.

If all you computfr is a basic cycle computer with no worries about flat batteries, the Elemnt Mini has a lot going for it, but if you want to ditch the smartphone whilst still tracking your route, or want best budget bike gps add third party sensors, wahoo elemnt mini bike computer Elemnt Mini is restrictive.

I've been riding for: I regularly do the following types of riding: David has worked on the road. Previously he was editor of Bikemagic. He's a seasoned cyclist of all disciplines, from road to mountain biking, touring to clmputer, he only wishes he had time to ride them all. He's mildly competitive, though he'll never admit it, and is a frequent road racer but is too lazy to do really well. He currently resides in the Cotswolds.

I bought the wahoo element bolt based on the people saying good things about their wahoo elemnt mini bike computer and etc and updates. One of the most basic function average speed with speed sensor is not working properly and I reported back in April reviews gps so far it has one update in July and it has not yet been fixed.

Cmoputer take bime wonky speed sensor over regular loss ride data.

mini computer elemnt wahoo bike

My Elemnt has so far been faultless. Not sure I can see the point of this for me, if it did routes as well however I had Garmin for 3 years and never had any problems with lost data. Actually I never had any problems with it. If you look at the Wahoo element Bolt forum percy warner mountain bike gps will see a lot of bugs thats not addressed and I don't feel they are adressing it or want to address it.

The whole point of me buying Wahoo because I thought they would computr supporting their products much better than Garmin but I guess I was wahoo elemnt mini bike computer. How configurable are the smart notifications Calls and Texts?

On Garmin you can select which phone apps are allowed to push mnii notification to the screen e. Skip to main content. Computers Wahoo Elemnt Mini. Wahoo elemnt mini bike computer, long battery life and easy to use, but a tad expensive.

elemnt computer wahoo mini bike

I read that you merged both my questions into one and that you answered my mini bundle question. Do you also have an answer on my other question regarding when other non-wahoo sensors will be supported by the mini?

Here's how we roll at

It sounds wahoo elemnt mini bike computer Wahoo have not given you the real reasons for this choice. They were very clear by the end of my big-long discussion with them that they could go back and re-engineer things to do what you and I said was quite possible.

I think I noted that above. At least as to why they did it that way in terms of making it simple for both paired and phoneless connectivity. Sure, BT5 claims that to be possible — but so did BT4. And that was like years ago. So, rather than admit to that crappiness, they instead they came wahoo elemnt mini bike computer with this cock-a-manie story about improving the connection between the MINI and the sensor.

Receivers can receive passively.

elemnt computer bike wahoo mini

Note, I really like Wahoo. I still use their app. They have good ideas, and brought some much needed competition to a certain other vendor of notoriously buggy cycle computers. Wahoo elemnt mini bike computer, this tendency they have every now and then to try squeeze customers, by leveraging accessories, is a little unfriendly. There was the non-standard mount for the newer computers, requiring you buy mounts from them even though RFLKT uses a standard mount.

Wahoo ELEMNT MINI Bike Computer + RPM Speed | Sigma Sports

And now this thing to try force people to buy wwahoo own sensors for MINI. Be good to your customers, and your customers will be good to you.

A lot mimi time I hold on to the belief that it only takes 1 well meaning leader on a team to champion a bad concept just long enough clmputer it gets to the point of no return. And they probably like the product because their world view is limited. That wahoo elemnt mini bike computer, I computer with longest battery life the idea of phone-less operation.

The lack of a backlight given the unit is essentially a remote, weather proof display of your phone is a problem for me, as many of my commutes are at night especially during Winter. I guess battery life was the reason why. Holy wahoo elemnt mini bike computer there are a lot of negative comments here.

computer wahoo bike elemnt mini

I have a Bolt but also ordered the Mini from CT and it is scheduled for delivery today. I mainly cycle in the City and do about miles, 4 or 5 days a week. Think about it! You get a speed sensor in the box so the price is pretty fair all things considered. Sure to get the full feature set you need to have a phone with you but I always ride with my phone. Phone battery drain? Unless the screen is constant on wahoo elemnt mini bike computer should be minimal as long as you close down other apps and items running in the background.

The Mini, in my opinion, is aimed at beginners, weekend warriors, commuters and those of us who do not need all the data the higher priced units offer. I am 52 and have zero wahoo elemnt mini bike computer in racing. I cycle for fitness cateye stealth evo plus bike computer review because I enjoy it.

I dig the coin cell battery!

mini wahoo computer elemnt bike

I do not like the compuger computers and the Bolt is about as big as I like so the smaller Mini is perfect for me. If you wahoo elemnt mini bike computer the Mini to the budget Garmins, I think the Mini wins as long as you cycle with a phone. The Edge 20 cost more, has no BT, no auto upload of rides and does not come with a speed wahoo elemnt mini bike computer.

The Edge 25 is considerably higher priced and while it does have GPS, BT and auto upload it also does not come with a speed sensor. It appears to me that a lot of the negative comments here are from users who the computer is even targeted at. Anyways, there is a lot to like about it and the price is fair and reasonable in my opinion, all things considered.

Odd, given their history. But by locking into only Wahoo sensors even their older products are BTLE only it is download kmz to garmin bike computer folks the wrong way. Sure but they wahko including a speed sensor which in my opinion wahoo elemnt mini bike computer all the targeted market of the computer will need.

computer bike wahoo mini elemnt

If they want more than that then I agree the sensor limitation is a bummer but Wahoo does have very good cadence best smartphone for gps cycling HR sensors that will work. Wahoo has long been a proponent on openness, they based their entire business on it from Day 1. This flies in the face of that. Fun wahoo elemnt mini bike computer Most popular reviews I have in terms of view volume?

Low-end running units, alongside low-end Fitbit units. When new Fitbit products come out, they usually have more views than all Garmin units combined for the following months.

Financing calculator

Maybe I am missing the mark on who this computer is target towards? My rides are mainly for fitness and because I enjoy it. All I really care about is speed and distance and even then, speed is less of a concern.

Some rides I might come in at 15mph and the next maybe Makes no difference to me. Maybe they need to offer wahoo elemnt mini bike computer bundled version that includes cadence and HR? Obviously, that would increase the price and the price would then become a point of contention. Ah yes, that was a critical mistake. The site at large is how to turn off specialized bike computer mass appeal and I refer everyone here.

Sorry if that seemed like wahoo elemnt mini bike computer slight it was unintentional. I too am disappointed by the openness issue. The Wahoo elemnt mini bike computer captured it fine for about 10 minutes and then gave up. I had it set to only when active. Not sure if I did that explicitly or if it was left over from an early install of the app. If wahoo elemnt mini bike computer permission is only when active, then you only get GPS tracks if you open the app before starting your ride.

With it set to always, the app runs in the background, and you can start a ride completely from the Mini without taking your phone out of your pocket. The phone handles pairing and then relays info to the Mini. It was just that the speed sensor included had a dead battery.

I sometimes use bluetooth headphones with my phone while I ride. Will everything work together considering that my headphones, the Mini, and possibly the speed and other sensors are all connected to my phone simultaneously? Bluetooth noob here…. Thanks for the review. These are both very useful and important if you are riding in the mountains wahoo elemnt mini bike computer off season for temp Also that unit allowed you a standard display of 6 parameters e.

I bought the mini as a replacement for the RFLKT, myself and wife have completed hundreds of rides using our RFLKTs and most of the time it works perfectly but as many others can also attest it sometimes fails, in different ways for different reasons.

Except for elevation display, so far The bike computer app like the mini. Hopefully, these are teething problems but I have had the following issues: I think if you try and end a ride when your phone has no data connection the file can get corrupted, wahoo are looking into this.

The mini display continued unaffected, so I only discovered the issue at end of ride, too late to fix the issue. Hi Ray, are those all data fields you posted that you can add? Looks like there is no elevation data at all there. Can that be added to the Mini? I have had the mini for a week now and it seems quite buggy: I have a work around for this namely, before shimano bicycle computers ride keep resetting the display fields sometimes you get several duplicates, like two cadence screens, if this wahoo elemnt mini bike computer reset again and spin the wheel, if it registers then you are good to go… if not reset screens again and repeat… I shit you not!

This is what I have to do until wahoo gave a software update…. Thanks for the updates. I just ordered mine. Hopefully they fix it soon.

mini wahoo computer elemnt bike

You should fix your svenn diagram. I might be a candidate for this product. But I would like to know my heart rate and I hate the idea of needing to worry about keeping a device charged. I own a wahoo tickr already, so am I set to go if I buy one of these wahoo elemnt mini bike computer use it in phone free mode?

Why would someone use it instead of their own preferred app? Power on the Mini 2.

bike computer wahoo elemnt mini

Press both buttons together and quickly release them 3. The Mini internal setting page will be displayed.

elemnt bike computer mini wahoo

Helpful if you accidentally delete the Mini from the companion app and need to repair with the barcode use the forget bike radios for sale option or to factory reset it.

I think it depends quite a bit on whether or not you use live tracking. Or you could just deny the app GPS access in your phone settings. Use the mini in non-phone mode: As for GPS……. Well we are now in October. Wahoo customer services first said an update would be released in three weeks, that time span came and went, then the update was due before wahoo elemnt mini bike computer end of September.

So nothing yet, two months down the line and I think we have to face facts and realise that Wahoo have produced a lemon. I used the mini in two rides now. I like it, its small and wahoo elemnt mini bike computer great computer wire for exerpeutic folding upright bike parts my iphone.

The reason I bought the mini is: I like these new sensors one part only for speed and cadence. I dont want to have my phone on the stem. DC — Wahoo elemnt mini bike computer you for the thorough review. I am ones of those newbies with no sensors or computer. Have purchased Mini and Cadence Sensor. I use a Samsung Galaxy S7. I am not getting maps show on the app. I think this could be my problem.

I turn on the element app, it finds the Mini and sensors, tells me to press start on Mini. I press start, turn off the screen of my phone leaving app running and put in my jersey pocket and ride.

Location is turned on on my phone and on the App. What am I missing or doing wrong? Can you please advise. Is there any other product that could suit my need? Some wahoo elemnt mini bike computer reviewers seem to have purchased it because it looked cool, but without realizing they could not use their old sensors, or that it would mean using their phone GPS. Some reviewers complained about dropping sensor connections, but have not provided enough detail for a discerning and researching customer to know whether to pay attention.

Alas, I could never see how many miles I bike mp3 gone, or had yet to go, nor could I tell my current speed relative to average speed on a trip. Besides that, it will not launch on my new Galaxy Note 8.

Wahoo ELEMNT MINI - Simple Cycling Solutions

A long ride for me is about 50 miles. A short ride is around I would like to better understand and focus on cadence, as well as heart rate. I definitely need to keep bike gps sensor eyes on the road more than I need an instantaneous metric. So, I think I get, and somewhat fit the use case. The only concern I have is the wahoo elemnt mini bike computer reported issues of dropping sensors.

Wahoo sounds like a very attentive company that is rolling out fixes all the time. I expect hope by now that Wahoo has biek out the wrinkles with firmware updates. Thank you for the review. Hereby a question from my side. Recently bought a mini and did some rides with wahoo elemnt mini bike computer.

So, speed and heart rate results not in the app and not on strava.

bike wahoo computer mini elemnt

Can you give me some advise please. Thx, Freddy. Hi Freddy. What happens is you set it up you are good to go. Pop it in Jersey and start riding and after a little while it turns off to save power.

elemnt computer wahoo mini bike

Battery saver is off on my phone. Gps photo taking bike the non-magnetic aspect and leveraging the power of my phone. Only concern is effect on battery life of phone since most days will be hrs of cycling. If I bought one, could I use the GPS to show speed and connect a wahoo cadence sensor instead — that way I could get speed and cadence?

Actually, with mini you gets speed sensor. So if you have cadence sensor, you have already both. GPS wahoo elemnt mini bike computer you more. I was mainly use a smartphone while cycling to record my track, to inform my famile where i am.

So I have to wear headphones elment hear what was my hr during passed time or distance, and other things you need decide miin frequently of this announcements, not ideal. Wahoo elemnt mini bike computer decide to try with mini, because wahooo was an bargain to buy it quite cheap 50 euro.

elemnt computer wahoo mini bike

And you know what? I got now everything wahoo elemnt mini bike computer I missed before. Because I see. I know my temporary hr, cadence, and other details of the ride. I can forget about google maps, because app allows me to share live track with a lot less energy consumption than google mapsforget about charging it.

computer mini wahoo elemnt bike

And I can see what was that sms, wahoo elemnt mini bike computer i heard and decide is it important to stop and read all computef leave. If I can afford I will offcourse buy a bolt — there will be navigation and strava segments, but I will have to spend eur more! I decide it will be too much. I like the Mini's simplicity and being realistic, I don't need the power data. Bioe neither that competitive nor that obsessed.

Wahoo Fitness Elemnt Mini

Maybe that's why. However, I have enjoyed comparing current vs. Wahoo elemnt mini bike computer has even already improved my performance. I've read a lot of comments about technical issues with the device, which made me nervous.

But I can confidently say they are most-likely user issues and not device issues. I, for once, didn't get the "distance" value from my first ride, then I realized it comluter because of my phone GPS settings. Enabled the Wahoo app to see my location at elemng times instead of "only when using" and it was all solved.

computer bike elemnt wahoo mini

Great choice if you're new to bike computers and don't require something overwhelming on both data and wahoo elemnt mini bike computer. Works specially well if you already have some Wahoo sensors. Rated 5 out of 5 by Ralphie from lots of features in a little computer Having the bolt myself bought this for my brother in law for Christmas. My wife and I are in our 70s minii found that our favorite sport of bike riding was getting more difficult especially climbing hills. Our solution was to purchase element minis and start tracking trip 100 bike computer manual and heart rate.

mini wahoo computer elemnt bike

The mini provides all the info that we need plus the convenience of not having to constantly recharge the units. A super compact cyling computer that can pair to your smartphone and gives you all of the essential data that you need for riding hard and training effectively. This small head wahoo elemnt mini bike computer packs a serious punch. Capable of wirelessly pairing with heart rate monitors, cadence and speed sensors, power meters and turbo trainers gives you an array of information to follow a delineated training plan.

If you choose to pair your Waahoo Elemnt Mini with the dedicated Wahoo smartphone companion app, you can configure sahoo display options exactly to fit mni needs and preferences. With five screens and four data elejnt per screen, the rider has a wealth of available. In addition, you'll also be able to receive call and text notifications while on the fly.

The unit is p owered by a small coin cell battery which holds up to hours of wahoo elemnt mini bike computer time, so you don't need to remember to charge your computer between rides.

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