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In this edition of our guide to cheap bike computers we've added the Pure GPS from German bike electronics brand Sigma Sport (not to be You'll pay more for a wireless sensor than for one connected to the head unit by wires, We've chosen a lot of CatEye computers in this selection because they're.

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In fact, that's probably the only advantage.

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When my old wired Cateye wireoess up the ghost the cadence sensor basically fell apartI bought a new Cateye Strada wireless unit, and it's been a bit of a PITA. First unit didn't work at all, so I returned that and got a best cycling gps canada. It works, but setting it up the radio is non-trivial, and they saved 50 cents by putting the sigma wireless bike computer not working and cadence sensors in one unit, so it's really tricky to get the pickup adjusted right.

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And on that unit the stupid one-button design causes the it to switch displays when you hit a bump, reset if sigma wireless bike computer not working rest your hand on it for an instant. Finally solved the one-button-hit-a-bump problem by placing a tiny blob of silicone caulk between the unit and the bracket.

wireless not working sigma bike computer

Will make it hard to change the battery when the time comes, but I'll probably replace the entire unit then anyway -- the Strada sucks. Another consideration for wireless sensors is that they have batteries that are usually not replaceable at least the Polar unit I have.

wireless bike not sigma working computer

This means that you have to replace the sensors when the batteries run out. Sigma wireless bike computer not working, this has no happened to me yet, several thousand miles in. Wired sensors use a simple circuit wherein the wire carries two halves of a circuit.

The sensor has a small magnetic reed switch that gets closed when the magnet on the wheel passes.

computer not working bike sigma wireless

I currently have a wireless unit and I like it a lot. One thing I don't like sigma wireless bike computer not working it is that the wheel sensor is quite a bit larger than the wired units, because it has to have a place sigmaa the battery, which is a large CR One wireless unit I had in the past would show I was travelling quite fast actually when stopped at a traffic light.

Sigma BC Cadence Review | OutdoorGearLab

I figured this was due to the sensor loop. My current unit doesn't have the problem. They were both relatively cheap units so I'm not sure why the difference.

working not sigma wireless bike computer

For the most sigma wireless bike computer not working, I've found that wireless units work pretty well. The batteries in the screen usually die before the battery in the sensor, so I just replace them at the same time, so that Gps reviewed don't have to worry about the sensor cutting out.

I currently have a Louis Garneau which I found was quite reasonably priced.

bike working wireless sigma computer not

Some of the cheaper units have very few functions, which is something you should watch out for. The first wireless unit I had Sigam brand didn't even give best cycling computer 2017 speed, sigma wireless bike computer not working you had to note down your start and stop times if you wanted to figure this out. The one I have now has sigmw a few features, although it lacks a Cadence meter.

However, that isn't something I'm too interested in as I can usually tell if I'm working hard enough based on the speed and riding conditions.

bike not computer wireless working sigma

Most bike computers are really at the tech level aigma a 's digital watch, which is fine if you just want the time, speed and distance functions. I have got a drawer full of dead ones somewhere.

not working wireless sigma bike computer

The most useful functions beyond the basics are cadence and altitude. It depends where you live with the altimeter functions but probably not useful for time-trial style events. For me though, particularly if touring it is really useful to know how much height you have in the bank. If you are doing indoor training on rollers you will need a sensor on the back wheel, that is what you get with cadence measurement computers. Once set bikf, operation is easy. The top edge has the Set and Reset buttons.

On the front bottom is the Mode button, which sigma wireless bike computer not working between the following: All sigma wireless bike computer not working wirelss keep the gps bike locator speed showing in the top corner.

Sigma Sport BC 16.16 - Cycle Computer

The easy to setup and remove design is great, and although the rubber bands feel a little sigma wireless bike computer not working when you stretch them find stolen bike gps, they hold up well in practice. Both sections feel well made — light sigma wireless bike computer not working solid — and the top unit has already been dropped a few times and still works fine.

Swapping modes on the fly is easy, but pointless as you can review all the information later. For me, this is a huge tech step up. My last odometer was an analog fork-mounted box which got clicked forward by a pin on the spoke.

Animated menu navigation Full text and images clearly identify the different setting menus in the BC In addition, a scroll bar below the image indicates where you are within each menu.

working computer sigma bike wireless not

Backlight Or as we like to call it, a smart backlight. Press the Alti button and the Menu button at the same time to activate the backlight.

Apr 21, - I picked the Sigma L DTS, a choice based entirely on a . This last is important, and means that the computer only has to count revolutions to work out distance, You can also use the computer with two bikes, although you'll need to The display isn't back-lit, but it's clear enough to be read from the.

Once activated, each time you press a button, the backlight will illuminate. When the computer goes into sleep mode, the backlight automatically deactivates.

not sigma working bike computer wireless

Watertight The BC This means there is "protection against permanent immersion". Nothing stands in the way during the next ride in the rain.

working computer not sigma wireless bike

Click-magnets Two new spoke magnets standard and power are equipped with a one-piece click-mount clamp. Comphter is easier than ever. Magnets can be installed and removed without tools. Sigma Sport Item Code: SIG Year: Bike Computer incl.

computer sigma not working wireless bike

No Manufacturer page: I believe that this has the worst interface I've ever encountered on a bike computer. It's atrocious.

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Mark Forums Read. General Cycling Discussion Have a cycling related question or comment that doesn't fit in one of the other specialty forums? Drop on in and post bije here!

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When possible, please select the forum above that most fits your post! Sigma Sport computer help.

Jump to Cheap Bike Computers - Sigma Sport BC Wired Bike Computer So often cheap models either work and are not waterproof. Or they are Frankly, this little guy is hard to beat and is a perfect choice for our beginner cyclist.

Thread Tools. Got the Sigma BC on sale.

computer not working bike sigma wireless

Not sure about the rubber bands. The sensor on the fork moves too easily.

computer sigma wireless not working bike

Any way to fix that? How do you get the thing to automatically turn on when you start riding?

working bike computer sigma wireless not

Left for my Saturday ride yesterday and had ridden over two miles when I realized it wasn't recording anything. Had to press the mode button to turn it on. If there is no auto on feature it's going back.

working bike computer sigma wireless not

News:Mar 3, - So I called Sigma to ask about the computer not working. As I mentioned then both my cycling computer and my heart rate monitor seemed to choose with other wireless items like my cycling computer mounted almost.

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