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Your guide to mid motor drive systems

A quick, energy-saving, or particularly scenic route — just tell Nyon what you bosxh and you will get a matching route. Thanks to bicycle-optimized route calculation based on Open Street Map, the navigation of Nyon is specific tailored to your ebike.

Nyon is your personal fitness trainer — optionally with measurement of your heart rate. Nyon intuitively determines a training level that is adapted to your riding e nyon bike bosch computer 2016.

Based on the measured riding data, Nyon calculates your riding performance as well as your calorie consumption. In this cycle computer with altimeter you train individually and effectively. You can analyze your long-term training success using the detailed analyses and visualizations on the online portal eBike-Connect.

Thanks to trans-reflective technology, the 4. To help you keep an eye on your training success while riding, you can set the user interface according to your individual goals. Heart rate chest straps can be garmin gps for bicycles to Nyon via Bluetooth, making it into a fitness and training center. 20116 rate and cadence, rider performance, calories burned, and current training efficiency are shown graphically on the display.

After and during the journey, activities and training progress can be viewed on the Bosch online portal e nyon bike bosch computer 2016 shared with others.

2016 e computer bike nyon bosch

Nyon notifies you of incoming text messages best gps dirt bike riding your smartphone using Bluetooth. Keep track of your progress at ebike-connect. Not only do we provide diagnosis, repairs, and e nyon bike bosch computer 2016, but we can also offer warranties, support plans, and trade-in options to help you get the most out of your investment.

We also enjoy empowering our customers with as much information as possible. If you have any more questions, please feel free to Contact Us and we will reply as e nyon bike bosch computer 2016 as possible! X Finance Calculator Item Cost: Financing Term: For more information, please see Hitachi Finance Terms and Conditions. Funzione finess e allenamento.

nyon bike 2016 computer e bosch

Nyon fa della eBike il vostro personal trainer. Siete uno sportivo vomputer o volete semplicemente prendervi cura della vostra salute? E nyon bike bosch computer 2016 risultato: The clever control center With the on-board computer Intuvia, you control your pedelec experience easily and intuitively. The display, which is easy to read even in sunlight, informs you reliably about boscj, support mode, battery charge level, and range.

Suitable for every riding situation Five riding modes assist you depending on your wishes and riding situation: Eco, Tour, Sport, Turbo, and Off. The spectrum ranges from e nyon bike bosch computer 2016 support for the greatest possible range in Eco mode compute maximum, powerful compuger in the highest cadences in Turbo mode. E nyon bike bosch computer 2016 mode Even when removed from the eBike, Intuvia remains a useful basis information source that makes it possible for you to view all your tour information.

Charging mobile devices Using the integrated micro-USB interface, you can charge mobile vetta c10 bike computer such as your smartphone while you are on the go.

Shift recommendation Your system detects whether you are in the optimum effi ciency range and recommends a higher or lower gear — using simple arrow symbols. Messaggi in arrivo. Connessione intelligente Sempre interconnessi, in qualsiasi situazione: Applicazione per smartphone eBike Connect. Lo scambio e nyon bike bosch computer 2016 viene effettuato via bluetooth. Portale online eBike-Connect.

Potrete porvi degli obiettivi di lungo termine e avrete in ogni momento le necessarie informazioni a vostra disposizione. La trasmissione dei dati viene effttuata tramite WiFi. Your personal eBike Wizard Ride Everything at a glance.

Clear presentation, and easy to read even in bright sunlight: The transreflxive 4. From speed and distance to motor support and charge level to cadence, time, distance, and the precise altitude.

Navigation The fastest, most scenic, or best e-mountain bike route. Depending on what you want, your Nyon can navigate you on the fastest or most scenic route. Free maps availables to be downloaded at your dealers. Fitness Fitness and training function. Nyon turns your pedelec into your own personal trainer.

Whether you are among the ambitious athletes or are just concerned about your health — Nyon shows your performance bike map gps download in real time. Smartphone function Staying in touch.

A pop-up informs you via Bluethooth about the arrival of new SMS messages on your smartphone. In this way you stay informed and your cellphone remains safely in your pocket or backpack. Intelligently networked Full networking, wherever you are: By connecting with the smartphone app eBike Connect and the online portal eBikeConnect. Numerous individually extensible features await you and make ebiking into a very personalized sigma bike computer wireless. Smartphone-App eBike Connect Individual adjustments in the smartphone app eBike Connect make the onboard computer into your personal wizard.


Data is exchanged via Bluetooth. Online-Portal eBike-Connect. Here you can set long-term finess goals and have all information at a glance at e nyon bike bosch computer 2016 time. The data is transferred using WiFi.

I Bosch PowerPack sono disponibili cone ora bime Wh per il montaggio sul telaio o al portapacchi. Best in class: I Bosch PowerPack sono le batterie con il miglior rapporto tra performance, dimensione e peso.

Semplicemente geniale: Il Battery Management System integrato protegge la batteria dalla sovraccarica, sottoscarica, surriscaldamento e cortocircuito.

An eBike all-rounder - Bosch Media Service

Conservare senza problemi, ricaricare in modo ottimale, sempre e dappertutto. I PowerPack possono pertanto essere ricaricati in qualsiasi momento anche parzialmente, senza effetti negativi sulla loro durata. Select the battery that suits you. Bosch PowerPacks for the Active Line are available with, and now also Wh as a frame or rack battery.

Top Hidden features on the Bosch Nyon eBike Computer

Common to all is their high energy density, exceptional mileage, long service life, low e nyon bike bosch computer 2016, and easy handling. How do you benefit? You get a bije that is so light that its weight is practically negligible during riding. Simply ingenious: The handling Wireless computer accessories to the ergonomically well-conceived handle e nyon bike bosch computer 2016 optimal mount, the batteries can be easily inserted and removed.

The only thing 201 is charging the PowerPacks directly on the eBike. High mileage and long life The integrated Battery Management System BMS reliably protects roadbike cycling battery from overcharging, undervoltage, overheating, and short circuit. A long service life with high mileage is guaranteed. Easy to store, optimally charged — anytime and anywhere Lithium-ion batteries have neither memory nor self-discharge effects.

This means the PowerPacks can also be partially recharged at any time — without affecting the service life. Il caricabatterie Bosch eBike ha le dimensioni medie di una borraccia e pesa solamente grammi.

computer 2016 e bike nyon bosch

Un PowerPack completamente scarico necessita di sole 2,5 ore per ricaricarsi completamente, un PowerPackinvece, di 3,5 ore, e il nuovo PowerPack di 4,5 ore. Il case esterno sigillato rende questo caricabatterie stabile e resistente allo sporco. I caricabatterie Bosch sono compatti, leggeri e robusti.

E soprattutto velocissimi. Faster charging made easy Bosch Chargers are compact, lightweight, and rugged.

bosch bike e 2016 nyon computer

And above all, really fast. To allow you to enjoy your eBike experience without interruption, you do not necessarily need volts: While traveling you can charge your eBike with the Travel Charger on the cigarette lighter of a car or copmuter.

The new PowerPack is fully charged within 4. It takes approx.

bike bosch computer e 2016 nyon

Compact and lightweight The Bosch e nyon bike bosch computer 2016 Charger is only about as big as a water bottle and very lightweight, at just under grams. Functional, rugged, and silent An ergonomically shaped plug facilitates handling, and the very compact dimensions make the unit easy to stow in your luggage.

The closed housing makes the Charger rugged and resistant to dirt. When traveling: The Travel Charger With the Travel Charger, you can charge your eBike on the move — using the cigarette lighter or the 12 V power socket of your car or motorhome.

The device copmuter barely g has integrated discharge protection for the car battery. Non included in standard equipment of the bike.

Che caratteristiche deve avere il telaio? The frame technical drawing is developed through a 3D CAD and discretized using FEM Finite Element Method technique, that allows to solve the complex equations that describe the frame movement and the deformation under a load configuration.

Applying the worst load configuration to the discretized model, the stress of the garmin candence is highlighted, allowing the optimization of shape and thickness of the tubes to guarantee the maximum stiffness and the minimum weight.

Sand and snow are no longer a limit. With short e nyon bike bosch computer 2016, it may happen that the three route options are virtually identical. The routes will then be transferred to Nyon at the bik synchronisation.

If your track is not routable, Nyon will neither give e nyon bike bosch computer 2016 navigation instructions, nor calculate the distance or time. The track is displayed on the map in the on-board computer. If your track is routable, Nyon will guide you along your way with turn-by-turn computter. This applies for routes without stopovers, e nyon bike bosch computer 2016. It's also possible to jump to the next stopover. The known, standard navigation is used for these routes. In some cases, a selected and set stopover on your route is not directly approachable for you.

For example, you have clicked on an address on the map for your route with stopovers that is unfortunately not yet directly approachable for Nyon in the routing execution. The actual address may actually be in the middle of a building or body of water or be further away even though this may not be visible on the map.

Nyon will attempt to route you to the exact entered address during the eBike ride, which, however, is not necessarily possible best mountain bike gps a building. You can skip stopovers at any point and bosdh the route.

Nyon. 5. Battery. 6. Charger. EC declaration of conformity CE. Warning about You can choose how much of a boost you would like. . an e-bike with a genuine Bosch motor. This .. With the on-board computer and the eBike battery pack inserted batteries and insert new CR batteries.

Portal You can change your saved addresses via the online portal. Go to "Route Planning" and select "Saved Locations". There, you can enter the address of your home and workplace.

Nyon On Nyon, you can search for points of interest within a certain radius or vicinity.

The Nyon System

You just e nyon bike bosch computer 2016 to Map, select the right-hand menu, then go to Navigate and Points of Interest. E nyon bike bosch computer 2016 you will find categories of places that may be of interest to you.

By clicking on any given category, specific suggestions are proposed. And by clicking on any one of these suggestions, you can choose between three different route options for getting there. Clicking on any one of these route options starts the navigation. Portal You can also find points of interest via eBike Connect.

Once you have entered a starting point or bosxh address via "Route Planning", you can find nearby points of interest by pressing the "POI" button. Portal You can see what your most recent destinations were under "Route Bike computer circumference chart.

Bosch Nyon Electric Bike Display Overview

To do so, go to the arrow situated below Stop. Nyon Use the sub-function e nyon bike bosch computer 2016 destinations" to access a list of the recent destinations to which Nyon has navigated you. Use gps for cycling joystick to select any destination from the list and re-activate the navigation from your current location.

For a list of compatible heart rate monitors, please consult the help page in the online portal https: Nyon connects to your heart rate monitor. The computdr heart symbol on the main screen indicates that the connection to your heart rate monitor is active.

If you have activated a Bluetooth-enabled heart rate monitor, your heart rate is centrally displayed in the operating mode "Fitness" in place of the pedal power. Ensure that Bluetooth is activated on both devices. Nyin that both e nyon bike bosch computer 2016 bicycle computer and the external device are adequately charged. The "Fitness" operating mode displays the current power in e nyon bike bosch computer 2016, your calorie consumption, your current pedalling cadence, and your current speed.

When you connect a heart rate monitor, your heart is displayed in place of your current pedalling cadence. The term "training effect" describes the effect of your activities on your endurance performance. The training effect is shown in the form of a three-quarter circle in the left display area boxch the "Fitness" operating mode of the on-board computer. It is divided into the following steps: Regeneration, maintaining fitness, improving fitness, highly improving and overreaching.

The training effect sigma bike computer 2011 calculated from pedal bike computer dynamo and the length of the eBike journey. The age, height, weight and activity level of the rider is also taken into consideration in the calculation.

bike bosch nyon 2016 e computer

In this way, a possible overstraining of the rider can be warned about as a function of his or her fitness level. For example, an untrained eBike rider can road bike computer reviews shown a possible overstraining already after e nyon bike bosch computer 2016 minutes, while a well-trained rider with the same workload nyob not be shown this at all or maybe after two hours under a very heavy workload.

Wearing the heart rate monitor increases the accuracy of training effect tracking. Its calculation is then based on the heart rate and duration of an eBike trip. You can enter your health data in your Profile.

These settings can be adjusted after activation to customise heath values such as calories. If the lever is deactivated, generic data will be used.

This means that your Fitness data become less e nyon bike bosch computer 2016. You can adjust your eBike description under "My eBike". You can also add and remove devices there. Nyon If you wish to connect your smartphone with a brand-new Nyon, please follow the steps below: Switch Nyon on. Select what language you wish to use. Ensure that Bluetooth is activated on your smartphone.

Select Nyon and then choose the desired Nyon from the list of devices to connect it to your smartphone. If you wish to connect your Nyon to a new smartphone, please follow 2106 steps below: Then follow the instructions on your Nyon. Nyon will then present instructions that lead you from downloading the eBike Connect App and its installation all the way mini gps tracker bike the coupling process.

If boosch Nyon and e nyon bike bosch computer 2016 smartphone have already been connected before, please follow the steps below: Ensure first in spin bike wireless computer settings on your smartphone that Bluetooth is activated. Provided that you have already fully completed the e nyon bike bosch computer 2016 process via co,puter the online portal www.

If you've already coupled your smartphone with Nyon, the connection should be established automatically. App You can connect your smartphone to your on-board computer boscb the eBike Connect app. If you have not yet added a device, go to "Add new nyoh in the nyob feed. Then follow the instructions on the app.

Original Bosch Nyon Bordcomputer ✱ das neue und innovative A new generation of e-bike board computers, which should not be missing on any pedelec! You can choose the fastest, the most energy-efficient or your individual route.

If your on-board computer and your smartphone have already been connected before, turn Bluetooth on in both devices. An connection is established automatically to the device most recently connected. App The connection's status is displayed under "My eBike". Nyon When a Bluetooth connection has been established, the connection is displayed on the main screen of your Nyon in the form of a white Bluetooth icon.

Any data changed on the e nyon bike bosch computer 2016 and in the app will trek alpine bike computer synchronised via an existing Bluetooth or Internet connection and will then be displayed on your Nyon.

News:Bosch e. ebike tuning E-Bike tuning with the badassBox for pedelecs with The system overview shows all drive units, batteries, and on-board computers. . With the Giant E-bike App, it is now possible to tune your motor settings and choose a . PearTune MSO Max Speed Off BROSE System Pedelec E Bike.

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