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Oct 11, - Of course, like virtually every Garmin device except their car GPS units, it'll . So I can choose run/hike/trail run/cycling, etc.. and then go ahead and The video should reflect that soonish, YouTube edit processing takes.

7 of the Best Bike Computers

Our most popular bike gps youtube with its easy to read display now available with a backlight. Large display wireless computer developed from CatEye customer feedback. Packs with 9 functions, a large screen and simple one-button operation. Packs with 7 functions, a large screen and simple one-button operation.

youtube bike gps

Aluminum bracket compatible with CatEye Wireless computers and headlights. I presume you mean something best cycling gps watch 2014 than a unit that only acts as a dedicated Biike unit - in which case, bike gps youtube there is bike gps youtube allbeit with a cost implication.

This site, and others, has any number of discussions about the trade-offs Wahoo updated the Elemnt with Strava Live Segments this week. I reckon that rounds it off as the only genuine competitor to Garmin in terms of feature sets. I use the ones from www.

Boomerang CycloTrac is a self-contained bicycle anti-theft GPS device that tracks your bike's location & movements, sending alerts straight to your phone.

Have footpaths etc included. On the OpenStreetMap wiki there is a page with links to others, including an online tool that allows you to create your own maps. Updates are very rare, but I don't notice any bugs. Sometimes it hangs when calculating routes but that might be a bike gps youtube issue E. I knew bike gps youtube location where a footpath wasn't linked up in OSM.

The Wahoo Element has allways been a mapping GPS and has had turn by turn navigaion added a month or so ago. The technological gap between a Garmin unit bests bike computer e.

youtube bike gps

Garmin's GPS are low tech at best. Nevertheless there are some advantages using bike gps youtube dedicated unit: The Wahoo Elemnt, as of the last couple of firmware updates, is utterly excellent.

It works flawlessly and delivers on every feature it promises.


Gp connects to any sensors I've tried to throw at it, all without any data drop-outs that I've experienced elsewhere. I bike gps youtube recommend it highly enough; it is without doubt the best technology purchase I bike gps youtube made in many years. Now if someone could just persuade Gps bike touring to make a running watch too I'd be a very, very happy bunny.

youtube bike gps

Strava android app and IPBike support these nicely. Albeit with the screen off. I got a big extended battery for my S3, yoitube that bike gps youtube forever. You can get them for the S5 but you loose the waterproofing, so I just bought a spare battery to swap out if I need it. Can anyone let me know if the Edge 25 has any navigation capabilities?

I understood it had turn-by-turn but it bike gps youtube seems to be youtubd completely clear.

youtube bike gps

Or, what is a good, cheap, device that offers basic turn-by-turn on a pre loaded route? It has. DC Rainmaker does a good review. I've had a Garmin Edge for quite a few years now. Still does everything I need - accurate distance, time, speed, and will even do breadcrumb navigation for pre-defined routes: If the line takes a degree right, so should you.

I had an Edge and loved bike gps youtube until it bike gps youtube at around 4, miles. I replaced it with gps bicycle computer Edge 20 which is even cooler.

I also own an Edge Touring Plus bike gps youtube is the biggest pile of bik wank I've ever wasted money on!

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It turned itself off on a ride once, about a year and a half ago, and I haven't had a problem with it since touches wood again Company based on mass sales throw away culture banking on the majority just using occasionally until they are out of guarentee period, customer bike gps youtube woeful. Was going to get one just for fun and try bike gps youtube out but the size really put me off.

gps youtube bike

Its like cheap garmin watch a uggly black brick. One youyube flaw is another person's functional. It could be a little thinner, sure, but the screen and button sizes are bike gps youtube welcome for, bike gps youtube know, seeing the information it displays and controlling the thing I'll take bomb-proof construction and functionality any day It worked, but the screen was very hard to see in bright sunlight which made following routes very difficult.

And having a cable constantly connected to the charging socket on the phone while bouncing blke cycling has caused problems with the socket on my phone becoming very finickity for charging.

youtube bike gps

So overall, for me, I'm garmin 500 bike computer happier with my elemnt. It sounds like you're happy with your phone solution, so that's great too! I was or am thinking about the Garmin just purely for live tracking with mates unfortunately I don't have any bikee mates but it is a novelty feature that I don't need. You mentioned bike gps youtube phone battery. I don't carry any extended battery.

My bikr one way is So it will last definitly over hours on bike gps youtube bike with everything on. As for seeing screen in the sun, with Ipbike you can customise everything any colour you like for any lable, fonts, units etc etc so you bike gps youtube tune it to the best that suit your needs.

Wahoo ELEMNT ROAM Cycling GPS: Details // First Impressions // Feature Review

The only downside to IpBike as with anything has downside is the developer can't bike gps youtube Shimano ant code so we can't get DI2 shifting information on the phone unlike both Garmin and Whaoo Element.

Shame but hopefully it can be something added in the future hopefully.

youtube bike gps

With the screen on? That's phenomenal. I've yet to see any smart phone that can do more than hours pgs on time to use all the battery up, and that's without GPS running too. I'm glad that works for you boke there's no chance that would work for me.

With the screen on, I get 2. Sigma bike computer 1067y, but a backlit LCD screen will always struggle in daylight irrespective of the fonts and colours - only at the very brightest settings of the very best phone screens can you see them in direct bike gps youtube - and at those brightness levels the battery will be hammered. It's a different beast Horses for courses - we're both happy with what we're using, the joy of choice.

So you are comparing using a cycling computer that is displaying all the information for you and helping you to navigate youtbue a recording device - and one that in battery save mode will often prevent its primary function, to be a phone. Initially I also thought it bike gps youtube be a problem but actually it reads just fine under the Sun so much joutube that it never came to my mind it is a problem until bike gps youtube brought bike gps youtube up.

Thinking back I think I never had once had problem legibiity if anytihng I think I read the phone so much better maybe because it gs also very big fonts but it is extremely eye catching black background with bright green bile font. If disabled, the top of the map will always face North. On by default, Auto Pause prevents workout data being recorded during periods of inactivity.

Workouts resume automatically when activity is bike gps youtube. Disabling records workout data at all times.

youtube bike gps

Off by default, Auto Lap can be set to create a new lap after a given distance or time. Backlight timeout is customizable.

youtube bike gps

Off by default, calculations of average cadence and power can be set to exclude periods where received cadence or power is zero. Customize settings while using planned workouts. Select a network and enter a password. Use Do Not Disturb to disable alerts for set period of time. Enable auto shutdown after a specified period of inactivity to save battery. Supercharge your youtbue by bike gps youtube your ride and workout data bike gps youtube these services to see in-depth analytics and connect with others:.

Paper maps

For best results and battery life, always charge bike gps youtube full capacity. Clean and dry the charging port and surrounding area thoroughly if it becomes wet or dirty. Do not plug into a power source until the area is free of moisture or debris.

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Corrosion or device failure may occur with improper use. When multiple sensors of the same type are connected to the Ggps at once, data from the highest quality connection typically the closest sensor alone will be used. If one sensor should fail, the ELEMNT will automatically switch to receive data from the next-best connected data bike gps youtube. The ELEMNT measures temperature gike your workout, but bike gps youtube may display temperatures that differ from the true temperature of your surroundings.

gps youtube bike

For example, this may occur when the device is placed in direct sunlight, is being charged via an external battery or is subject to sudden changes in temperature. Please see our bike gps youtube and easy to use ELEMNT Bike gps youtube Help Guide for setup help, feature walkthroughs, and advanced troubleshooting, or contact our support team where we're always happy to lend a hand.

Have more questions? Visit support.

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Designed to be easy to use, yet bike gps youtube with features like customizable data fields, performance tracking, and effortless ride sharing, the ELEMENT electrifies every ride as the world's most connected bike computer.

Part Bie WFCC1 Dimensions: USB rechargeable Battery Life: Up to 16 hours Waterproof Rating: IPX7 waterproof up to 5 ft Shock Proof: Yes Supported Satellites: Menu and Power Button left side button: Smart Buttons ggps row buttons: Info Zoom Bike gps youtube right side buttons: Award-winning app Every OS map at your fingertips.

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News:Mar 18, - There are so many great bike computers that choosing one can be tough. Garmin Edge Plus, GPS Cycling/Bike Computer for Competing and I recommend subscribing to Shane's YouTube channel for lots of great.

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