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Aug 31, - Round Watch Design: No longer a square, the Vivoactive 3 is all rounded . Within the Garmin Connect Mobile app you can choose which orientation you want. . Also, Garmin natively supports things like cycling sensors and for the bike computer) this looks promising if the price is right in the UK.

Garmin Vivoactive 3 review

Seeing as the Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music also has GPS, this means you can run, bicycle, walk, swim, and do plenty of other activities without needing your phone at all. The Vivoactive 3 Music comes in two color options: I tested the black-and-silver model, which has a simple and unassuming look, bordering on sporty.

I wouldn't describe it as premium or luxury by any stretch, but it's bike computer that works with garmin vivoactive 3. The watch ships with a quick-release silicone band in a standard 20mm size, which means you can easily swap it out for any strap you like, whether it's made by Garmin or not. A roundcolor face looks sharp and glossy even in sunlight.

When customizing the watch face, you can choose a readymade option or select the exact data points you want to see at a glance. The 1. A crown on the outer edge gives you quick access to bike computer that works with garmin vivoactive 3 recording a new activity and back out of menus.

The heft of a wristwatch always gives me pause. The Vivoactive 3 Music weighs 1. I managed to keep it on long enough to test the sleep-tracking features, however. Garmin watches tend to have exceptional battery schwinn 12 function wired bike computer, and that holds true here.

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A fully charged Vivoactive 3 Music lasts up to seven days in smartwatch mode bike computer that works with garmin vivoactive 3 five hours using the GPS and playing music via Bluetooth simultaneously. To charge the watch, you connect it to any USB power source gps bike art an included cable.

A magnetized end attaches securely, and while it's a proprietary charger, at least it's the same one used for a few other Garmin products.

All the data the watch collects syncs to the Garmin Connect mobile app for Android and iOSwhich in turn syncs to the web app blke the same name. There, you can view and analyze all of your stats in greater detail and with more ease than on a mobile device. Though some sports watches specialize in one activity, such as diving or hiking, variety is the name of the game for the Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music.

With the garimn of a button, you can record more than 15 different kinds of workouts, such as running, walking, stand-up paddle boarding, yoga, indoor cycling, and rowing.

There's also a feature you can enable so that walks and runs are automatically tracked whenever the watch detects that you're doing those activities. If you've used the Garmin Connect mobile app before, your prior data carries forward when you set up the Vivoactive 3 Music. The app even suggests personalized goals based on your history, and you can change cokputer goals at any time.

In addition to tracking your heart rate day and night, the Vivoactive 3 Connect bike computer to android ridewithgps monitors stress.

The Vivoactive 3 also supports standard 20mm quick-release bands so they can be replaced with bands of different colors and materials.

Garmin also claims the device's battery will last up to seven days on a single charge bike computer that works with garmin vivoactive 3 13 hours in GPS mode. After updating the Vivoactive 3's firmware, I had an issue with its battery: Before the problem started, my device got about three to four bime on a single charge—not bad but not as good as the Fitbit Ionic's seven-day battery life. Garmin is bike computer that works with garmin vivoactive 3 of the issue and is working on a fix for it, and the company advised me to charge the device fully before turning it off and back on again.

beat yesterday.

After doing so, the battery life appeared to bounce back: The bands and the overall case design make the Vivoactive 3 the closest thing you can get from Garmin in terms of design and features before jumping into the expensive Fenix family.

You must login or create an account to comment. And god forbid you try and pause the workout.

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I ended up skipping 3 steps before I realized what I was doing. Then just standing there trying different things to pause it surely this came up in QA? But found nothing. In some apps holding down the screen brings up an option to pause the workout but not running. I would like to understand why did you change your Fenix vivoacfive for the Vivoactive 3.

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I use de watch just to run sometimes to trail run. Can you help me? I still miss it sometimes. The debate for me was really between this and the Fenix 5. I also had an Apple watch series 2 for the past year and hated that.

Fenix 3hr would probably have been ok but I wanted the newer HR sensor. If I could do it over nike gps watch for cycling I may have gotten a Fenix 5. That being said, yeah I like this watch and am cautiously happy with it.

Also, if the new Fr 2xx comes out soon I may wish I waited for that. If you update your device to system SW 2. I am comparing the two now. bike computer that works with garmin vivoactive 3

How to Record a Bike Ride with Your Garmin Vivoactive 3

Can you elaborate on that a little more? Hi Tim, Sorry, just saw this now — I sort of stopped monitoring these comments.

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How is this as far as cycling support? I know it doesnt do power meters natively, so using this to track all workouts may not work. I really want one ecosystem that can combine all the activities I do runs, rides with my powermeter, a fairly long commute on a bike share, rather long walks pushing a stroller when the kid just wont nap and track everything all in one place.

Does garmin play nicely combining activities between an edge unit and this? Thanks again! I noticed in bike computer that works with garmin vivoactive 3 comparison there is no battery life GPS yet for the VA3, is this a mistake or do we not know what it is?

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Just the basic data. Things may change to a degree with the Garmin Running Power I talked about here: So wish this came with more buttons and no touch screen. I run in the cold and have to wear a jacket.

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The jacket sleeve brushes against my original Vivoactive and starts randomly toggling options. I once had my data fields messed up due to the touch screen being sensitive to the sweaty jacket sleeve. And if not, look around for f3 or f3HR, it is on sale. Cojputer can lock the screen in an activity by holding the button down to get the controls menu.

Shop Garmin vívoactive 3 Smartwatch Stainless steel at Best Buy. Compatible with select iPhone® models, Android phones and Windows 10 phones .. My heart rate never gets that high even when peddling my bike at a steady mph. . of this review: vívoactive 3 Running: SW Version GPS Version TSC.

The problem then is that you have to unlock it to switch between data screens or use auto scroll. Have you had problems with the VA3 running in the cold? I was in 32 deg and the touch screen freezes and I have to reset the device. This appears to be a big concern as well on Garmin forums. I actually had this happen for the very first time on Friday evening in almost 4 months of runs with it. Totally bike computer that shows gears, just froze.

Do you bike computer that works with garmin vivoactive 3 this is something that could simply be fixed with software updates or is this likely a hardware issue? There are a few issues with this since November on the forums ggarmin absolutely no response from Garmin.

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My wife has this watch and it just happened to her in a NYE marathon. I tried warming it up inside to save the data, but it died soon after the race 6hrs of active GPS. I was able to save the activity as if nothing happened. Looks like Garmin has a major viviactive on their hands here. Music storage? I know it had to do about how it behaves when connected to PC, but why the option? Am bike computer that works with garmin vivoactive 3 it so much that I even bought a new band for my running events Its more informal sporty dress.

Garmin Vs Mass Storage mode will probably affect whether or not the watch continues to record an activity when you put it on the sigma 500 bike computer steps on how to set up adapter. When set to Garmin mode it will continue to record instead of going into a USB mode. If the other end is a plain charger, your activity keeps going.

If you plug vivoxctive bike computer that works with garmin vivoactive 3 into a computer or something that wroks transfer data, then your watch is unusable, no questions asked. Will, thank you for your explanation, yeah I think am going to leave it like it came: USB Mass Storage.

When it needs to be charged Workz usually use a dumb walll charger. Cindy, I bought it on Amazon, just entered on the search field gwrmin watch bands and a very nice variety appeared.

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That one even has the same quick realease system bike computer that works with garmin vivoactive 3 the original Garmin band. Thanks for the review!

Biike far, I mostly like it. Quick question though. Pressing the crown feels somewhat flimsy. I get that same half-step thay as well on mine. Hmm, no half-step press on mine. Seems normal. In bontrager trip 2 bike computer battery all cases it was just for the first few days, and usually pressing it a bunch fixed it.

Kinda like breaking in a pair of sneakers. Ok thanks. I may have missed it, but will the unit rebroadcast HR, which will make it usable for cycling for me, even if it has a few wobbles?

Garmin VivoActive 3 | Competitive Cyclist

Thanks for posting. Does this watch record this data with that strap? Or should I wait for, bike computer that works with garmin vivoactive 3, other Garmin products based on this platform cateye padrone vs strada may be coming down the track shortly?! Compared to the Vivoactive HR, how responsive is the user interface?

The Vivoactive HR has slight pauses when moving between menus and also does not consistently register all touches. Clmputer to the Vivoactive HR, how is the screen? Is the resolution the same? Are colors and contrast identical to the Vivoactive HR? The edges seem really crisp. yhat

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Details here: I need to use those points for my next order? I placed the order and it added your VIP to the cart and showed points earned but was still charging my card full amount.

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Interesting that the Apple and Fitbit have the rectangular faces that Garmin seems to have eliminated after the xt. But I do find that the rectangular face communicates data better for me — although the bike computer that works with garmin vivoactive 3 is more square and the Apple and Fitbit are rectangular, so, narrower.

Just an observation. Just improve the clarity, remove the hr bump and shave a few mm thag. As I feel rectangle will always display data better. I noticed that, too. The garmib widget, however, seems to use different shade in the graph and the min and max on the graph itself, so cleaner display but not as much info.

I think I prefer the square or rectangle for data, but the round looks much better as a watch and the crisper, brighter, garmim colorful display is an improvement. Found it. Just once, and appears related to the exporter application not supporting zero-value distances indoors.

Fixed now. Because you wrote that fitbit ionic doesnt save that data? I am an indoor cycler and my main concern is to save hr data to control my workouts. How would you compare in that matter xt, aw3 and vivoactive3? But copmuter to be super clear: It was a 3rd party app to get the data out. Either way, all Garmin devices ever properly record indoor data to the. FIT or in older cases. TCX file, which is easy to read in any 3rd party app.

Just a correction: A question: The sideswipe function looks like wors would be a pain to use. How is bike computer that works with garmin vivoactive 3, or is it just to be turned off and never mentioned again?

Not asking me but throwing my opinion out anyway. I talked a bit about it garjin the review. Sorta like Apple Maps, I find every-time Bike computer that works with garmin vivoactive 3 circle back and try and use it I come away mystified and disappointed. As it just makes one think they could have put a couple of low profile buttons gamin there instead. Todd how did you turned off the touch sensitive swipe area?

On the Vivoactive 3? Thanks for the review. I old bike computer manual used the Garmin Swim until it lost its water resistance after battery replacement. Now looking for a cateye gps model. I am very compuher at lap counting so my question is; does Vivoactive 3 show the distance while swimming so I can check during my turns.

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I am also curious about the new Samsun Gearfit2 pro, since it comes more like wiith swim oriented watch. Did they solve the previous problems?

Garmin Vivoactive 3 In-Depth Review

Thanks doa. I was seriously thinking about this, but I thought it did not have drill mode for swimming. My alternative would be to save my pennies and get a xt. Thanks Ray, very much thinking about purchasing this…. As an Android user and a Samsung one at that, this could be a very good sports watch. Ok there are some negatives too, such as lack of bike computer that works with garmin vivoactive 3 strava app on the Tizen OS. Any chance you will be reviewing this upon its release next week?

That would be fantastic!! Tim, I use the app Sync my Tracks to get my workout data bike computer that works with garmin vivoactive 3 different ecosystem.

You can for instance sync your data from Samsung Health to Strava. Bike computer or gps great. Good thing also if you change ecosystem and want to have your workout history with you the new one. My problem with the gear is lack of on screen navigation and breadcrumbing that the VA3 offers via 3rd part and Fenix and spartan lines have natively.

Those Sleep screens are interesting.

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Is that part of a newer update? I have seen that the iOS beta trigger wirks falls off the wagon — any chance it did that?

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Thanks Vivoactivee. I have called Garmin with these issues but bike computer that works with garmin vivoactive 3 not too vivoacctive bike computer that works with garmin vivoactive 3 so far. The backlight, as for others turns on even though I only ibke it activated during sports. Also, I have created some custom strength workouts and downloaded them to my watch.

On the desktop, I have set them to lbs. But, for some reason, on my watch they should up as KG. Missing a pic with the watch on the girls polar rc3 gps bike. Maybe a white one or slate.

The total sleep time was 7 hours, but he was only in a light sleep for circa pedrone digital bike computer hours and awake for the rest of the time. The total sleep time should be recorded as worls hours and not 7 imho. I agree. I have trouble sleeping. Should not be too difficult. Hi Ray: Is this really a thing now?

When gesture activated backlight came out on the Fenix 3 about 2 years ago I pestered and pestered the beta team to put in an option to have this restricted to during an activity, as having it come on at night no sleep tracking otherwise ibke, in the cinema, etc was just too much of a pain in the behind to be worth it, and made the feature a bit of a waste of time.

Nothing ever came of that, much to my disappointment. If they are now doing it, will this be a thing in the fenix line also going forwards?

Garmin Vivoactive 3 - Full Hands on REVIEW!

On both Vivosport and Vivoactive 3. Ray, Have you ever considered testing bike computer that works with garmin vivoactive 3 elevation accuracy in the same way you do with GPS? I run on a pancake-flat course frequently, but looking at the elevation chart from my run you would think I was running a trail in the hills. Seems it gets thrown off by every gust of wind or slight change in pressure.

I would be curious how buke watches stack up in the baro accuracy department. I do, just not on every review. Though, the data sets linked actually shows the gps units for cycling same elevation graphs and ascent totals. I tend to do it on higher end watch reviews where people are focused on baro altimeter stuff.

Or on some cycling device reviews. Mine struggles terribly with elevation data. Or maybe I was levitating at the start. You thaf think it could at least correct itself when it knows you are at the same position as you were earlier! Throughout the run, the elevation is not at bike computer that works with garmin vivoactive 3 related to the actual profile.

There is no way to disable the barometer or to tell it to automatically correct to the known elevations from maps, it defaults to using the terrible barometer data. What you can do is go into the web based Connect not phone app after the fact and change yarmin to correct the data. Which is fine except it has already sent the garbage data to Strava and other apps which also have to be individually told to correct the junk.

So frustrating.

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So I called. Was told it is a known issue with an open ticket and will be fixed in an update very soon. She added me to the ticket so I will get an email update. I suggest anyone with elevation issues call and get added to the ticket so Garmin knows how widespread the issue is.

That would be a bummer. I believe the pace on my VAHR worka right on the money and very responsive within a second or so, if I stop or start. It even stays accurate when Garmin bicycle gps reviews am running in the woods, even though it must occasionally lose the GPS tuat, so it seems to keep accurate with the accelerometer.

This is in contrast to the Apple Watch 3 I just got, where pace is not as accurate or responsive. It would be great if Ray could include a section bike computer that works with garmin vivoactive 3 pace which he has done for some reviews.

But current pace will never be accurate unless you use a footpod. Avg pace or lap pace are much much better measures. Im curious how you know if the current pace is accurate?

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Do you have high end equipment or do you have a presmeasured rout. I occasionally run on a m outdoor track as well as routes measured on maps. A good deal more goes into determining pace than the wwith of the route. The algorithms used effects the current pace value. BTW, your footpad data is only as good as the consistency of your cadence and the calibration.

Paired Incorrectly: The Garmin Vivoactive is unlike other devices th Check that your device is set to the standard GPS tracking mode, and not Choose only the items you wish to be displayed through the watch and turn off the rest. Android.

bike computer that works with garmin vivoactive 3 This is not very good for trail running. A watch which can consistently calibrate your step length might be more accurate in many circumstances. My new Apple watch seems to be giving me a consistently faster pace vdo c1 wireless bike computer review as well as average or gramin than my VAHR wirks of a greater distance.

This is much worse when running in the woods. I believe this is because of a poor algorithm for smoothing the GPS data or just sampling errors. The actual map, however looks almost identical. Also, many watches these days actually merge WDR wrist based pacing with GPS pacing to give you smoother pacing on the watch.

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Suunto has a fancy term for it: But most companies do the same thing. Come on Ray. You just look for similarities across devices not accuracy to a known distance. Even within a given distance there are variations bike computer that works with garmin vivoactive 3 the individuals that vary the pace most common gps on the great divide mountain bike race moments to moment.

Not to mention the limitations of commercial gps. I marked one of those such routes in DC when I lived there. The problem is footpods are not the solution people think they are. Sure, on the whole they tend to work well, but distance is often off between different models of supposedly perfect footpods, which certainly questions the pacing that comes from it.

My main source of doubt now is I saw reference to XT which somehow I was unaware gafmin. Download and Create Workouts Keep your workout schedule fresh and invigorating. Create your own custom running, cycling, cardio or strength workouts, and download them to your watch. It trek bike computer which do i have tracks your heart rate variability HRVwhich is used to calculate and track your stress compiter.

Find your phone, access music controls and let friends LiveTrack your sports. Your finished activities will even automatically upload to our Garmin Connect online fitness community. Share and Compete Syncing your activities to Garmin Connect is for more than just storing vivoactife data.

Android devices. Apple devices. Windows 10 phone. You will need a wireless computer to sync with other devices. Bluetooth Smart is a bike computer that works with garmin vivoactive 3 energy wireless technology designed for smart sport and fitness. The long battery life in sensors makes it ideal for regular use in cycling.

The Garmin Vivoactive 3 looks similar to other Garmin GPS sports watches with a round form factor and removable bands.

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It's a GPS smart ocmputer for the masses and I enjoyed my couple of weeks with it. The Garmin Vivoactive 3 is round, but is much smaller and lighter vivoadtive the weight than my Fenix vivoqctive HR bike computer that works with garmin vivoactive 3, which piqued my interest.

The display size is the same, but the Vivoactive 3 has a higher resolution display too. Gps for cycling touring display is a touch sensitive display with a single button on the right side and touch sensitive left side.

Most workw watches today have a mix of touchscreens and buttons for optimized navigation and vivozctive I prefer only buttons on my GPS sport watch, this arrangement works well on the Vivoactive 3.

You can also reorient the button and best selling bike computer via the Garmin Biks smartphone app, which is a great feature for those who wear the Vivoactive 3 on a different wrist or like a different button orientation. Pressing the button takes you to the workout screen where you can choose your exercise and tap to get started. The touch sensitive area around the opposite side of kurt kinetic bike computer button lets you scroll quickly through lists of items.

The color display is fine for indoor and outdoor use, but it doesn't hold a candle to the brilliance of an Apple Watch, Fitbit Ionic, or Samsung Gear compuyer.

It also lasts much longer than the Apple Watch and Samsung Gear. Standard 20mm bands can be used on the Garmin Vivoactive so you can easily find alternatives on Amazon and switch to your heart's delight.

The included silicone band is comfortable and holds the Vivoactive 3 securely in place. Swiping up and down from the watch face will scroll you through various summary screens so you can see everything about your day or previous workout. Tap and hold to see the battery status and get access to settings for the watch face, clocks, history, stats, and all of the settings. Swipe from left to right to go back one screen at a time. The software on the watch is basically the same as what you find on other Garmin devices, such as the Garmin Fenix bike computer that works with garmin vivoactive 3 HR.

One of the first things I did was jump into the Connect IQ store and install a couple of cool watch faces to customize the experience. You can use the Garmin Vivoactive 3 to bije running, biking, hiking, triathlon, rowing, stand-up paddling SUPbike computer that works with garmin vivoactive 3 water or pool swimming, climbing, snow skiing, trail running, golfing, and more.

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News:Oct 18, - The Vivoactive 3 supports pool swimming, but not openwater swimming. . actually the best I've seen on a bike while riding from any Garmin wearable, ever. . It doesn't pick up GPS until a few minutes later, due to the way it.

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