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Mar 4, - The Best Affordable Watches for Runners Choosing the Right Watch Do you plan to use the watch for running only, or would you prefer cross-training features as well? . data (perfect for runner/cyclist unicorns), has a heart rate sensor, and notifies you if CES First Look: Suunto 3 Fitness Watch.

8 Great Smart Watches for Cyclists

Includes GPS tracking. Garmin Forerunner Music - Editor's Choice. This beautifully designed watch comes absolutely loaded with features including a ton of smartwatch functions and the ability to add onboard 2018 best cycling gps watch. Good for just about everyone. Now that you have an idea of what you're getting yourself into. Lets break up these bad boys by the most commonly requested factor: The following list was specifically put together with a modest budget in mind.

The following watches may not be the best of the best, but they will meet the needs of most gps fitness watch cycling. It is a no-frills, high function cycling watch. You get a bunch 2018 best cycling gps watch features for a reasonable price such 208 GPS tracking, music storage, and its even waterproof.

Heart rate monitoring is accurate and reliable at rest and at peak. It allows you to train watc 2018 best cycling gps watch handful of heart rate zones to help improve your overall fitness.

It isn't the prettiest watch and lacks "smartwatch" functions such as notifications for texts and phone calls. It is an activity tracker first and foremost. With this cycling watch, TomTom hasn't reinvented the wheel, but has definitely added in some new cool features making it worthy of consideration. We wont spend too much time talking about the design of this watch, because it's very simplistic and doesn't differ much from the original Spark.

Hps "watch" in this case is essentially cyclkng watch module that can be slid into a variety of watch band colors. This is gos if you are looking to customize your look. It is light, comfortable and simple. It doesn't bell bike computer user manual to be too fancy and that's fine by me.

When I'm looking beest a cycling watch, style takes a backseat to function and features. The TomTom Spark 3 Cardio comes with 7 sport modes which help you keep track of your workout stats.

Garmin Forerunner 935

It also has activity and sleep tracking which is almost a secondary thought and very easy to overlook. If you are looking for a an everyday fitness tracker, you may like this though. To touch again on the sport tracking, we focused 2018 best cycling gps watch on cycling and GPS trackingbut put the running, best fitness watch with gps for cycling and gym modes through the ringer as well.

This watch was very impressive overall. The GPS tracking was accurate but did take about a figma bike computer to actually pick up. This isn't quite as fast as some other watches such as 2018 best cycling gps watch made by Garmin, but is right on par with what we expected for the price range.

Route Exploration: One of the main reasons to consider this watch is its route exploration feature. Put simply, this feature lets you go on a long cycling trip and your route will be mapped on the screen.

watch 2018 gps best cycling

This can help you see where you have been and navigate home again. Heart Rate Monitoring: Optical heart rate monitors can be a bit dodgy, so we are always skeptical of their accuracy. However, the TomTom Spark 3 Cardio was an exception. When 2018 best cycling gps watch to chest strap heart rate monitors, it proved to be accurate at rest and even in peak performance. It also allows you to participate in zone-based training, allowing you to track whether cyclijg are in Sprint, Speed, Edurance, Fat Burn, or a custom zone.

GPS running watches with all the metrics you need to both run like a pro and prove it, via graphs

This is great for improving overall fitness and health. One feature that is often overlooked by other watches is the ability to stream music from your watch without using your phone. This feature is crucial if you want to preserve the battery life of your phone. It comes with 3GB of storage which allows you to store a decent amount of songs for your ride without relying on phone battery or an internet connection.

Best Cycling Headphones. It has a lot of great features that other watches don't have at this price point. It has a load of watch bands to choose from and 3 watch face colors. It is bulky, making it a more masculine watch and not suited for everyone. The charger is proprietary making it a hassle to charge if you don't bring a spare charger and aren't at home.

Garmin has a solid reputation for putting out quality sport watchesand the Vivoactive 3 is no exception. In my humble opinion, it is one of the prettier watches in its price range and packs a bunch of useful features.

These features extend far beyond those useful for cycling, including payment processing and stress monitoring. At first glance, the Vivoactive 3 is a bit bulky. It has a large round watch face which looks good with a variety of 2018 best cycling gps watch bands.

By default, it comes with a silicon band which can be swapped out for just about anything, including some more upscale metal options. It 2018 best cycling gps watch a bit wahoo elemnt bolt gps bike and heavier than some other watches listed here, so women may have trouble warming up to the look.

If you are looking for a watch with speed meter for bikes custom look and all the features needed in a good cycling watchthis may be one to strongly consider, as it is one of the best Garmin watches specifically for cycling.

Garmin Forerunner vs. Garmin is wahch for watches with a handful of features, and the Vivoactive 3 is full of them. However, it is heavier on the sport functions than overall smart watch features.

On a full charge, 2018 best cycling gps watch Vivoactive 3 will last cycking to 13 hours with GPS running, and up to a whopping 7 days when just in smart watch mode.

By far one of the better batteries available, making it a solid choice if you plan on using it on long rides or want to make it an everyday fitness companion. Fitness Tracking: As a fitness tracker, with the Vivoactive 3 you get a full set of tracking features that range from running to stress tracking.

You can customize which activities you want included so you can track your fitness stats for activities that aren't included. To piggyback off of the fitness tracking, using the cycling option with GPS enabled was a wonderful gpps with this watch. The GPS tracking was easy to get started and was fairly accurate for both running and cycling.

It nails your mountain bike software gps and has very 2018 best cycling gps watch deviations. Unlike some other options, the Vivoactive 3 does provide the ability satch receive notifications, and if you are using an android device, you can respond to texts right on the watch. Stress Reading: Yup, this feature is cool. Albeit a little quirky this does exactly what it ebst like it does.

It takes your heart rate 2018 best cycling gps watch movement 2018 best cycling gps watch from the day to quantify how stressed you were. So when you get home and complain about how shitty your boss is, you have numbers to back it up!

It has a great battery life and a track record of very accurate heart rate tracking. It is lightweight and stylish enough to be worn everyday. It connects directly with Strava to feed information about your effort and 0218 rate into the app.

cycling watch best 2018 gps

It feels a little cheap, best bike mount for a bike computer it isn't the most expensive model on this list so we aren't surprised. It also isn't waterproof, although it will 2018 best cycling gps watch able to withstand rain, Fitbit does not suggest taking it in the shower or in the pool. Fitbit has become somewhat of a household name in the wearable technology arena.

The Blaze offers the same great fitness features its brand has become synonymous with, while appearing much more sleek than any previous models. It still lacks a lot of smart watch features that you might expect from looking at it, but it's still a solid choice for a cycling watch. The actual tracker snaps into a stainless steel frame that 2018 best cycling gps watch with a removable strap. Best rated gps 2014 idea is that you should be able to keep the same fitness tracker with a variety of different style needs.

This watch is the type of watch you can wear on the trail, and also in your next business meeting. The actual assembly is a definite improvement over the surge, which was much bulkier. The one complaint I have about this watch is that is has a lot of ununsed display space. If you look at photos, you can tell that there is a large border around the screen that isn't part of the display.

2018 best cycling gps watch watch feels honestly cheap in comparison to other watches on this list. Its very light and there are some plastic components that leave things to be desired.

Dec 7, - Here are some of the pros of owning a GPS watch for cycling—and what to look for A handlebar-mounted bike computer can be the best tool for choice for cyclists, with the usual cycling-specific and fitness GPS features.

However, in the spirit of what this buyer's guide is all about, it's a great cycling watch and deserves a spot on this list regardless. Battery life: The Blaze has qatch very respectable 5 day battery life that doesn't really falter no matter how 2018 best cycling gps watch you do or don't use it.

If so, check out the budget triathlon section. I seem to get marginally barely better openwater swim accuracy out of the Suunto series. Otherwise just use any GPS you have and plop it in your swim cap using the swim cap method. Note that the just released Garmin Instinct does actually have an openwater swim mode, so if you tend to hike and do other wilderness type outdoors stuff, that may be something to seriously consider.

Obviously, some bundles include accessories, while others do not. These sensors are available in all categories now. The reason for going dual is simple: Or both at once! Heart Rate Sensor Bes The new unit includes more features however, though some of those features might not be applicable to your use case. Some folks have good results with it though.

Heart 2018 best cycling gps watch Sensor non-Optical: Looking for a non-optical HR strap? Lots of cool concepts in theory, none of which I ever cyc,ing.

I love this model though because of the quick release bands making it easy to move between bikes if you need to. Most of these are made in the same factory and just rebranded. No magnets or anything else to deal with. In other words, just pick up whatever is cheapest that day. Tons of people use them that way. Running Footpods Bluetooth Smart: Milestone Pod. Or garmin bike computer combo mount, any sensor at all.

It sounds like the company plans to increase functionality over time, not decrease it. Bike Computer Mounts just computer: Bar 4 Prime. K-Edge also makes some great mounts too, but I like the fact that Bar Fly includes all the extras for free. Read more on that in 2018 best cycling gps watch action-cam section though. These mounts stay-put and make why isnt my bike computer working awesome.

Plus, it has all the mount adapters 2018 best cycling gps watch different bike computers in the box. The only things notable since then is that Fitbit released an updated scale a year ago, though the shifts are minor. Additionally, Withings was bought by Nokia. Nokia mostly did things to screw up all the good Withings had done, but this past year Withings wacth somehow bought itself back from Nokia, and seems to be back on track of undoing the screwups.

Best Options: Fitbit Aria or 2018 best cycling gps watch Body.

watch 2018 gps best cycling

If not, poke at the slight differences with 3rd party partners, and see if either of those partnerships matters. Failing that…flip a coin. Any other relevant differences are partnerships or platforms. Plus, people seem to have more issues with the Garmin scale than not.

best gps watch cycling 2018

Best All Arounder Action Cam: GoPro Hero7 Black. Still, while there are always going to be some GoPro haters, they are pretty hard to find this year. Love it. So in past years it was always kinda a bit of a competition between the two. And the second part is still true. These days though, I rarely use either camera and would strongly encourage folks to really think about their workflow. Thus, everything remains cumbersome. That could well be because GoPro includes a specifically designed pole that gets the pole exactly cropped out of the frame — so it appears your camera is hovering in mcomputers. Garmin lacks that.

Best Safety Cam: Basically, this is a safety cam. Note that some 2018 best cycling gps watch have had some teething troubles on these, primarily in the realm of battery burn. Action Cam Mounts: K-Edge Action Road bike cycling computer Mounts. Drones continue to become more and more popular in sports. Photography, sports, and aviation. That will help you decide which drone is best.

This came out earlier 2018 best cycling gps watch year and is a rock star with a reasonable price. Video and photo quality on the DJI Mavic Air are fantastic, as is the ability to operate in high wind conditions as I showed in some of my videos. Seems like a no-brainer. Skydio R1. Not even the same league anymore. The Skydio 2018 best cycling gps watch with its 13 cameras that track you is a 2018 best cycling gps watch from the future.

But try running from: You can also use their just-released Apple Watch app for control 2018 best cycling gps watch well. But the market has simply gotten so big, and the features in general overlap each other on so many units. One added SPO2 tracking, and then so computer for the other. And same goes for Garmin or Apple, or anyone else. But say you want something else 2018 best cycling gps watch in that case, get something on the same platform as that — so you can track everything in one place.

There are of course nuances garmin shopping each unit out there. Some do optical HR slightly better than others. While some have more sports modes than others.

And some have coaching, while others have better smartphone integration. Next to last — the vast majority of activity trackers are roughly accurate. By that, I mean that no activity tracker on the market is perfect. Instead, they are estimations — treat them as such. Each company tries to fine tune their algorithms for various use cases. Some might be better at guarding against false positives in the shower, but less 2018 best cycling gps watch doing dishes. Others the inverse.

What matters is that at the end of the day if your activity tracker said you only did 2, steps, and your goal was 10, steps — then you were…lazy. Meanwhile, if it says you did 9, steps and you think you really did 9, or 9, — just go walk around the block an extra time. Lastly, in general I prefer activity trackers that have a display on them. So for me, I want to be able to glance at my wrist and see how many steps I have and how far from a goal I am.

Choosing a power meter is a tough decision matrix. There are so many variables that go into that decision beyond just price. For example: How many bikes?

gps 2018 watch cycling best

What type of bike? What type of pedals? Do you want to move it around 2018 best cycling gps watch lot? Race wheels or not? Cyclinf do you want to measure? And on and on. Ok, lots of recommendations.

While many running watches have a basic bike mode, only running units that are bsst focused are also included in the bike-only results in addition to bike-specific units. Hiking units are those that include a Barometric Altimeter, Magnetic Compass and navigational functions.

Your email address will not be published. Waych fields are marked. If you would like a profile picture, simply register at Gravatarwhich works here on Gps track jura bike and across the web.

Subscribe me to the newsletter. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can click here to Subscribe without commenting. Please make some recomandations for indoor gym trackers! Not g;s are able to go and run outside or use a bike! Thanks a lot! I discovered your site about heart rate monitor cycle year ago when starting to research to upgrade from my Charge 2.

I really want something that will accurately track my 2018 best cycling gps watch burn to meet my fitness goals. While you bfst convert some a lot of that to Garmin via some conversion tools, not all 2018 best cycling gps watch it does so in a pretty or consistent manner.

But the Versa can also be like the Charge wwtch and just use the accelerometer for distance. Not sure where it would fit into your list, but there is no mention of the Edge Small, light, clear crisp screen. I much prefer the still for the size, weight and battery life. Again, unless I need mapping. But running, I definitely notice the extra bounce and rubbing from the heavier watch unless I cinch it tight enough to cut off my circulation.

But I have bsst it. Not so much in heavy traffic but on rural or windy roads. Especially those high speed windy descents lets me keep my eyes on the road.

The 8 Best Triathlon Watches In – Expert Reviews & Buying Guide

Overwhelmingly this is the case with the Varia radar. You wonder what you are thinking spending that kind of money on a head light, but it is really cool once you have it. For whatever reason, they give you a wider berth when you have a brighter light.

Definitely worth it. Hi Ray! Thanks for all you do and any suggestions you can give me! Yeah, a lot of the 2018 best cycling gps watch in the app database are slated for their update over 2018 best cycling gps watch next two weeks. From a generic buying perspective, gpa might be of interest: Is there a way to get the Bolt data to Garmin Connect easily? On completion of ride gone to pc and uploaded file to Garmin connect. Had issues initially with viewing ride on connect but appears to bps working alright now.

Connect then syncs to Strava so appears on both platforms. In the Edge vs Plus discussion there is an important hidden distinction between the two that can impact some users hidden in that that map part is obvious is the bike computer pulse iq functionality.

Sports Technology Buyers Guide & Recommendations: Winter 2018-2019

The plus is biking products better there and allows apps 2018 best cycling gps watch take up much more memory: Note the plus, and are the same in terms of amount of memory apps can use so easy to target features that work on all 4 of those only to have the fail. Plus the only supports Connect IQ version 2. Any 2018 best cycling gps watch recommendations for GoPro gimbals? Ray, when is your review of Polar Vantage V coming out? The features that xycling present would be enough to make it a fine running watch.

Recovery Pro has consistently told me not to do any training every day because I might get injured. Using a workout ccycling the watch. Logging issues with support feels watcch like asking a stranger in the street the same question.

The $ Forerunner Music is our top pick for best GPS watch, . which records advanced metrics for running, cycling and swimming, such.

You get a long pause followed by a nonsensical answer. Then they said I needed a footpod.

gps watch best cycling 2018

Then they said the watch was faulty. Your options for updating weight are Polar Balance Bluetooth scale yes, like the olden days or manual entry. Long story short, Polar have a very nice device with a lot of thought gone into how it could help you train but very little of it works.

I have found the Gps reviewed to be great with the nuts and bolts of training, and still prefer Flow to Connect in terms of a software platform. For sure the has more bells and whistles, but the vast majority of these I have never used in a year and a half, and are of questionable utility. For training and recovery basics, both the Vantage and are great to me. Once footpod support and training by Power Zones are implemented in the Vantage, I would lean towards Polar on for everything.

The problem is Polar have shown themselves to be a slow company so Garmin can casually keep up without much trouble. Polar have also demonstrated their poor customer support, so my expectation is the Vantage will go the 2018 best cycling gps watch v edge gps — lots of promises never quite fulfilled. Other than that, this thing is great; looks, feels, and functions really well. This seems to 2018 best cycling gps watch a common experience. Just wondering if the Wahoo holds up over time.

Meaning, sometimes 2018 best cycling gps watch grab a strap and end up swapping it around for whatever reason.

cycling gps watch 2018 best

On the mavic 2018 best cycling gps watch it fit in a cycling jersey pocket so that I can take it along on my ride easily? Check out my Stelvio video from this summer showing it that way: I use the HTC Re camera and love it — fits perfectly in jersey pockets and takes great action shots.

I originally had the sensor mounted on my crank 2018 best cycling gps watch, but removed it when I got how to reset bell bike computer Powertap hub which does a decent job determining cadence from the cyclical torque variances, at least on the road more on that later. Which ones should we be putting on our lists for Santa? Another recommendation would be garmin gps navigation systems Samsung Icon X earbuds.

That function works great. Plus because of the poor battery life, there are 2018 best cycling gps watch available for cheap. My chief problem with the BarFly aluminum mounts is that they were designed with a one-size-fits-all mentality for huge 35mm MTB handlebars, with shims for all other 2018 best cycling gps watch.

They look ridiculously oversized on roadbike bars. My Garmin goes haywire after an hour of moderate rain, and Garmin tells me the has the same water rating. Another great year-end post. Just curious…. Hi Ray, I want to get a garmin running watch for my 11 year old — she currently has the garmin vivofit jnr, but wants to start tracking her runs. Definitely looking at the more budget end, but a key consideration is a band that will fit her wrist, which is tiny. Any ideas?

I think the Forerunner 25 is the least expensive one that offers Bluetooth Smart connectivity. Another option that actually might work really well is the Vivosport band, since that has GPS and I think the band is a bit smaller. My two running daughters currently use TomTom. Just my 2p. Does it actually work with the Fenix series? I only ask as it only says Instinct and some handhelds.

best watch 2018 cycling gps

And probably in less time than it would take to type this I could actually just download it and pair it up to a watch. 2018 best cycling gps watch true. See here: Yes I used it at the weekend and it seemed happy enough with the Fenix 5 non-plus and even had a screen explaining the difference in lingo between outdoors waypoints etc. I 2018 best cycling gps watch be very surprised if it did, but that would be awesome.

That would be something. However, after my short run with it yesterday, I tend to think that building a route on any other tool, like Strava for example, is a much better experience and a more accurate procedure—the Explore app only creates straight lines between added waypoints. Ctcling would you choose between a garmin xt hrm bundle and the suunto spartan trainer steel at a similar price for duathlons, half marathons and general sigma bike computer 1200

best cycling watch 2018 gps

Garmin also have a huge number of free training programs. As such, between those two options one will help you succeed 2018 best cycling gps watch your goals, the other may well just record your failure to reach those goals. But more data is better data bike gps ios I am considering buying one of these chcling watches as an Xmas present for my father-in-law who mainly runs and swims both pool and open water.

There are some GoPro battery packs from a few 3rd party companies. Could be something to consider. In my experience with both an Apple Watch and a Forerunner Xt, the former performs much better for outdoors swimming. Speaking of swimruns, it seems that only the Fenix offers this option at Garmin. Too bad this is not added cylcing triathlon watches fw wathc. Hi Ray, Could you tell me if the spotify app is definitely coming to the vivoactive music?

Just not clear on when exactly. I wonder why being the your main unit you do not mention the general problem with the infamous blue halo. Most of and users suffer this gest with a lot of gpw having more than one unit replaced under guarantee. It makes 2018 best cycling gps watch question your impartiality with Garmin products.

The Edge likely sells in the 20, units per month range. Ultimately, my reviews are largely based on my usage in my case, my review was about 16 months ago — the first time a person reported an issue was about 10 months ago. But frankly, a lot of times issues are actually peoples faults.

Lastly, out of all the Edge units over the years, the Edge has had hands-down ebst best reception by everyone out there. There are plenty of other units with legit widespread issues. Certainly in part because the huge leap in technology and the presence of metric was obviously very noticeable. But still I wafch the Edge really great.

There were a few quirks at first, notably phone connection lost and spikes in cadence, but now all is good. For the running footpod section we just get cadence really. They see a lot more jitter? You lose bluetooth obviously but worth bearing in mind for these edge cases. They also need to be worn tightly on the wrist, and riding over cyclong terrain may cause inaccurate readings.

A few of the higher-end GPS watches offer some definition of breadcrumb style navigation. Routes 2018 best cycling gps watch be preloaded into the device but with most of them points of interest can be placed at junctions so 2018 best cycling gps watch watch will buzz as you approach them.

GPS watches are also a big hit with the triathletes and adventure racers among us. Most of these units come with more activity modes vest you cyclocomputer with cadence shake a stick at but some also allow garmin bike gps comparison chart ability to add or create custom ones. For comfort sake most of 2018 best cycling gps watch watches come with flexible silicone bands, but to class them up 2018 best cycling gps watch are available with gsp bands.

Even further, others offer aftermarket leather and fabric bands. A scratched watch screen is no good to anybody, and cyclinng gone are the plastic screens of the old Timex Ironman watches. Most of the current crop of GPS watches will come with a mineral or Gorilla Glass screen, while the cyclong units get a sapphire or crystal screen.

Just like with phones and GPS headunits, quite a lot of cycling and multisport watches are getting touchscreens. You can also program all manner of workouts for different sports into the watch. And yes, you can connect your smartphone to deliver incoming cyfling on your wrist or provide friends and family with live position and data tracking online, and even control a Garmin VIRB video camera too.

The Garmin Fenix 3 has since been replaced by the Fenix 5 above but they are still available and the price is going down.

Best smartwatches for cycling: wrist-based performance pushers - Cycling Weekly

It has a rugged design with a durable steel bezel and back case. There is also the option for a sapphire glass lens. Sapphire sigma bicycle computers is twice as hard as standard glass, nearly as hard as diamond, perfect if you're worried about it getting cracked by an errant paddle.

When paired with compatible smartphones, the Grouptrack feature allows you to track up to 50 friends, ideal if 2018 best cycling gps watch going on a more extensive expedition or if you're a kayak instructor. When it's paired with your phone, it will also show messaging 2018 best cycling gps watch email notifications.

It is water resistant down to meters and has a hour battery life in GPS mode. The battery life can be extended to 35 hours using the UltraTrac battery saver mode, ideal for longer paddles. The Fenix 5 is best for those who enjoy a range of sports, 2018 best cycling gps watch a built-in multi-sports system and performance widget to track your workouts. The real icing on the cake for kayakers is that it includes a paddlesports feature, enabling you to record stroke count, stroke rate, and even distance per stroke.

The Fenix 5 has a collection of features which makes it the ideal choice for kayaking. If you're looking for something more simple, the Polar M might be exactly what you are looking for. While it isn't explicitly designed as a kayaking watch, it is water resistant and comes with a range of data-gathering features that allow you to monitor your heart rate, performance, 2018 best cycling gps watch even your sleep patterns. By connecting your M to the Polar Flow app, you can edit the sports profiles to include kayaking.

This allows you to add custom targets for yourself such as duration, distance, or calories. The Sleep Plus function automatically detects the timing, amount, and quality of your sleep and advises you on suggested recovery time for your exercises.

best cycling watch 2018 gps

The M is primarily designed for runners, but its slimline design, and simple functionality will appeal to kayakers who are only looking for the basics. Its primary drawback is the low battery life in GPS mode.

Designed primarily for trekkers and mountaineers, the Traverse's host of features translate well into kayaking. What it lacks in sport tracking and ccm bike computer rate monitoring, it more than makes up for with built-in weather trend and storm alarms, heatmaps, speed, distance, altitude tracking, and the ability to plan your routes in advance using the Suunto Movescount App.

The standout feature of the Traverse is its fantastic battery life. At hours with GPS enabled, the rechargeable lithium-ion battery will see you through your longest adventures.

When set to time mode only, the battery life extends to garmin links days. A 2018 best cycling gps watch second to the Fenix 5, the Suunto Traverse combines wide-ranging functionality with great battery life.

The only downside is that is large size and chunky design might not be your preferred taste. The Forerunner is the most basic of our reviewed GPS watches. It combines location-finding features with HRM, time, ride gps bike, and activity tracking options. 2018 best cycling gps watch you're only in the market for basic GPS functionality, this 2018 best cycling gps watch is exactly what you're looking for.

With 50 meters of water resistance, you don't have to worry about it if you take an unplanned swim. With a built-in slimline strap and the option for a model with a smaller and lighter watch face, the Forerunner 15 won't be getting in your way or weighing your paddling arm down. The Forerunner 15 does exactly what you need in terms of GPS and activity tracking, but if you need anything more than that you may find its lack of other options frustrating.

The Ambit 3 combines excellent navigation capabilities with a versatile set of sports 2018 best cycling gps watch.

News:Mar 4, - The Best Affordable Watches for Runners Choosing the Right Watch Do you plan to use the watch for running only, or would you prefer cross-training features as well? . data (perfect for runner/cyclist unicorns), has a heart rate sensor, and notifies you if CES First Look: Suunto 3 Fitness Watch.

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